Sports Event Consultancy

What services I offer regarding our agency

After nearly Forty years in the Music and Sports business, I have extensive experience in Event Management, Talent Booking, Celebrity Management and Sports Sponsorship

Equipment Logistics

Sports Events Services Ltd (SES) have been providing The PDC with logistical support for over 10 years. This includes Sound from small PA's for Press Launches to Line Array systems to satisfy the large sound requirements for 10,000 seater Arenas.

Vision in terms of Multiple Screens with front or back projection to flown 16 x 9ft screens for Arenas to small ground support screens and Plasma screens for Press & Production Offices.

SES design and build all PDC Sets & its Crew are highly skilled in on-site builds & in technically running any Event. SES has its own transport from Crew Cars to 3.5ton, 7.5ton, 18 ton Trucks to 40ft Artics. It is owned & operated by PDC Head of Production, Mark Leak & based in Hull.

Please submit all enquiries for Equipment initially to The Allix Company, click to 'Contact us'

Talent Booking

I have booked 'Talent' be it Music, Entertainment or Sport since 1972, so I think its fair to say I have a wealth of experience. The trick is to get the right attraction at the right price at the right time.

I predominantly now major on Sport and TV Celebrities for Personal Appearances as that's the field I have worked in for the last 20 years, but I can always fix a Band or two!

Event Management & Administration

The experience gained over 40 years by Dick Allix in the music & sports Industries provides Clients with a wealth of knowledge to tap into over a vast range of Events. Personal first hand knowledge of Venues, both large and small, advice on what type of venue would suit the Client and a full appraisal of costs & suppliers are but some of the benefits of engaging the Services of The Allix Company.

The Allix Company will walk you through the legal responsibilities of promoting Events and will undertake to manage the Event if requested. Dick Allix in his past role as Event Director for The PDC managed over 40 Events annually for the Company.