The 2020 Betfred World Matchplay begins on Saturday 18th at 6pm and runs for 9 evenings through to Sunday 26th. However it will be a Matchplay unlike any other due to COVID -19. Firstly it will not be played in Blackpool for the first time since its inception in 1994, but instead will be played behind closed doors in The Marshall Arena, part of Milton Keynes Stadium Complex. This is done to comply with Covid Safety Regulations in that anyone attending the Event from players, Officials, TV & PDC Production Staff and members of The Press must be there ‘in a bubble’ and adhere to hygiene regulations which means being tested for COVID on arrival and, once found to be clear, can proceed to their Room at The Double Tree Hilton which is within the Stadium Complex, thus within the bubble to settle in and either build the Event or practice.  


                  Professional Darts at this elite level has a very vocal & animated crowd to give it that essential atmosphere that is part of the TV Experience as well it being what the Players are used to. The PDC will pipe crowd noise into the Arena and designed to fit the action on stage and there will be screens behind the players replaying Crowd interaction taken from previous broadcasts. Intriguing stuff and a first in Sports broadcasting. 


                   Our man, DAN DAWSON will be there to bring listeners to TalkSPORT Radio all the updates on scores & interviewers with Players plus he will have a large presence on PDC & Betfred Social Media platforms. With £700,000 in prize money and £150,000 to the winner, the 32 participants will need no further incentive to make the Event one to remember. Sky Sports will show all the action live & will also be shown in Germany, Holland & Australia plus many other partner Broadcasters worldwide. Go to The PDC website News for a full list.


Its good to have live Darts back on our TV Sets, isn’t it.



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