This week sees the final five Pro Tour Events held, due to COVID Regulations, behind closed doors at The Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Success at these will offer the very bestPlayers entry to The GRAND SLAM, PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL & THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, all to be held over the next seven weeks. Our guy, DAN DAWSON will be presenting each days play from 2pm this week and commentating throughout with each game streamed live on PDCTV-HD & many Bookmaker sites worldwide. This week is extremely important to so many Players as either the building block of a career or the savior of one. Pressure? What pressure?  


                    For a complete change DAN can be heard in America on NBC Sports on Thursday commentating on a 6-week Series of a new exciting Sport called WORLD CHASE TAG USA. Just imagine the game of Tag you played as a kid polished up for Adults and played over an indoor assault course. Trust me, though it sounds simple, its very absorbing, exciting, robust & captivating and you’ll want to watch & get involved immediately. Dan recorded the Show, which took place in Atlanta some weeks ago, and believes there will be many more next year. Exciting Times.

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