Premier League 6 is Liverpool bound & The Pro Tour continues in Wigan

The Premier Leaguethis week on Thursday is at the magnificent M&S Bank Arenabuilt on the banks of the River Mersey on rejuvenated Dockland & surrounded by the history of this wonderful City.  


Premier League Darts was one of the first major Events to play this Arena after it was built back in the spring of 2008. So, unbelievably, this is the 13th time we have sold it out. Our Guy, ROD STUDDwill be there to front the commentary Team & conduct interviews with victorious Players for losers tend to be reluctant interviewees. From tonight you can hear his preview, predictions & odds for BETFREDon their Website & other Social Media.


DAN DAWSON, our other Broadcaster, will also be present for headline Sponsor UNIBETwith previews, reporting & interviewing at for their website and Social Media. On Friday, he will leisurely travel across the Lancashire landscape to Wigan for Pro Tours 7 & 8at The Tennis Centre starting noon on Saturday to a conclusion then sleep repeat on Sunday. All play will be streamed live on PDCTV-HD& on more Bookie sites than you can shake a stick at.

Pick your favorite & off you go.


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