Multi-tasking at The UK Open for Dan Dawson.

      The UK Open starts this Friday 5th March at Milton Keynes in The Marshall Arena, a far cry from its home at Butlins Holiday Resort in Minehead. COVID strikes again, I’m afraid and the Event is behind closed doors as well though the format sticks to tradition with a main TV Stage, Stage one with 6 further ‘Outside Boards’ a la Wimbledon Tennis only they are ‘indoors, but you get my analogy. 

      Our man DAN DAWSON will be presenting & commentating on Board 1 on Friday & Saturday for PDCTV-HD whilst the main stage will be on ITV Sport in the UK & our usual partner Broadcasters throughout the World. On Finals Day on Sunday DAN will switch to commentary for ITV Sport. During the weekend he will be interviewing the great & the good for bookmakers LOW6& for PDC Social Media outlets. As if that were not enough, he ‘ll manage to squeeze in taping inserts for next months ‘THE DART SHOW’ for Sky Sports TV. A dark room and a bed beckons. 

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