Dan Dawson returns to Germany after Chase Tag from Atlanta & PLD Final.

                     It’s a busy five days of Commentary for DAN DAWSON from tomorrow. He travels to London on Wednesday 14th to put his commentary onto THE US CHASE TAG CHAMPIONSHIPS from Atlanta, which is a newish sport to Television following on from its introduction last autumn on Channel 4 in the UK. Very basically, it’s an adult version of the children’s game known as TAG in the UK or ‘Touch & Go’ or even ‘Tiggy’ depending on where you grew up. The Adult Teams chase each other over an Indoor purpose built Urban landscape Course endeavoring to Tag or touch the opponents to take them out of play. Pretty simple, very energetic & a lot of fun.DAN did the commentary last year, hence his involvement for this from America. Its catching on fast globally with a WORLD CUP planned for next year when world with travelling hopefully will be easier. 

                      The following day, Thursday, he travels back to The Ricoh Arena in Coventry for The Final of THE UNIBET PREMIER LEAGUE DARTS FINAL for live transmission on Sky Sports in the UK & global pick up by PDC’s Broadcast partners. DAN will be presenting for the sponsors UNIBET & PDC on their Websites & Social Media Platforms with interviews & betting opportunities.

                      Dan will catch an early flight the following morning to Germany & Sindelfingen Glaspalast near Stuttgart for The third Euro Tour Event, THE EUROPEAN DARTS GRAND PRIX. DAN will present & commentate throughout the 3- day Event for streaming on PDCTV-HD & multiple Bookmaker websites worldwide. The Final Euro Tour Event takes place in Riesa, Germany October 23rd to 25th as qualification for THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS at the end of the month.

                         DAN will return to London on Monday 19th to record commentary of the Finals of USA CHASE TAG. Busy man !!


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