A new Season begins for Darts & DAN DAWSON

The World Championships ended on January 3rd & so ended the Season with Gerwyn Price crowned World Champion. With the World in he grip of a Pandemic, it had been a year of severe hardship for Sport which thankfully Professional Darts has   survived by the wonderful efforts of The Professional Darts Corporation & its sound business sense to always have a ‘Rainy Day Fund’ and boy, has it rained.


                      Well here we are in 2021 with hope that the worst is behind us and we can plan for the future. Q School was held in January & the new Rookie blood joins the current Professional Players to form the 128 Player Field for the new season which starts this Thursday Feb 25th at The Premier Suite at Bolton Wanderers Stadium. The “Super Series 1” is 4 consecutive days of Pro Tour Events that are the backbone of the Professional game providing regular competitive darts throughout the year with decent prize money paying right down through the field to provide a chance for necessary regular income to support a viable lifestyle. The more successful you are at these Events the more you win & thus climb the Merit Order, that essential mark of your status, which in turn places you into the lucrative Television Events. Our Client, DAN DAWSON hosts & presents each Pro Tour Day & also commentates for PDCTV-HD where it is streamed in its entirety along with many Bookmaker Sites globally. There are 30 of such Events in a Season plus Euro Tour Events, although they may be a little late in starting in 2021 as European Countries play catch up with COVID vaccinations & thus gradually open their borders. 


It’s on with play then from 12 noon on Thursday through to Sunday & SUPER SERIES 1


Our other Client ROD STUDD is still recovering from the stroke he suffered last April & is making steady progress & hopes to be behind the microphone for Sky Sports & its coverage of THE PREMIER LEAGUE sometime in April. We wish him well & good health.


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